Examples of work submitted by our members.

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Meet the Wensleydales - Jo Richardson

A Face in the Brambles - Jo Richardson

Sisyrinchium Arabian Stallion - Jo Richardson

Samola - Keith Pattison

Harry Lauders Walking Stick - Keith Pattison

Above Crackington Haven - Keith Pattison

Penton Ford by Cherry Howard, Pastel

Untold Stories (i) acrylic on canvas by Keith Pattison

'Quarley Hill' by Jo Richardson

'Leave me Alone' by Jo Richardson

'Aspects of Andover' by Keith Pattison

'Untitled' by De Crabb

'Untitled' by De Crabb

'Yellow Flower' by De Crabb

'Rogue Sunflower' by De Crabb

'Hints of Autumn' by De Crabb

'Early Morning' by De Crabb

'Arches in Ville France' by De Crabb

'Silver Birch Trees' by De Crabb

'Hampshire Countryside' by De Crabb

'Reflections from Stained Glass' by De Crabb

'Oil on Water' by De Crabb

'A Hampshire Hamlet' by De Crabb

'Eel Traps on the Test' by Cherry Howard

'Track up Danebury Hill' by Cherry Howard

'West of Ireland 2' by Mercedes Leonard

'West of Ireland 1' by Mercedes Leonard

'Playful Dolphins' by John Randall

'Nutkins' by John Randall

'High Flyer' by John Randall

'Footballers' by Tony Scrace

'Figure with Staff' by Keith Pattison

'The Boat on the Lake' by Keith Pattison

'Buffalo Creek' by Alex Bond

'Bluebell Wood' by Alex Bond
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